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January 2011



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And all you'd ever hear me say, is how i pictured me with you, that's all you'd ever hear me say

I sat in B&N for 5 hours today. At one point in the duration of my stay in the comfy chair, a woman sat down in the comfy chair beside me, wrapped in a scarf, peformance fleece vest, pink messagener bag, and laptop. She sat for an hour or so, clicking away, pausing only long enough to catch me glimpsing at her or to pick up another thought process before typing away again.

About an hour after she'd been hacking away at something (an essay, poem, newspaper article maybe?) Her husband came up behind her, and asked her how her writing was going. She seemed stressed, convinced that somehow her words weren't coming out right. He sat down on the arm of the comfy chair and she sat back, laptop in her lap, and let him read it. He commented on it; it was a good comment, but I lost it because I was reading his shirt which said "When I get money, I buy books first. If there is any left over, I then buy food and clothes." I could tell he lived by this statement because that shirt was so worn it was almost sheer. She made a comment about his comment, obviously still displeased with her own work, snapped the laptop shut (to which he replied, 'you're so silly') and she got up headed for coffee. She insisted that he take her chair and 20 mins later she returned with a tall coffee for each of them.

I watched this couple for close to 2 hours I know. And the entire time, all I could think of is how I hope to find a husband just like that one day. Caring, gentle, understanding, encouraging, loving, and amazing in each and every single little way. They played off each other so well, I can't imagine a better couple. They made me smile.

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I have an anklet on my ankle from vacation. Adham bought it for me during our last day at Cedar point. It's one of those that you make a wish, let someone else tie it on, and then wait for it to fall off. It's been 5 months, it's still on, and that wish is burning a hole in my brain.

I stole a postcard from B&N today. (I also read the PostSecret book, which is GREAT btw, and a perfect Christmas gift *hinthint*) It has a cute poem on it, and I would like to share it now.

All things mellow

In the mind,

A sleight of hand,

a trick of time.

And even our great love

will fade

woon we'll be strangers

in the grave.

That's why this moment

is so dear.

I kiss your lips,

and we are here,

so let's hold tight,

and touch and feel,

for this quick instant,

we are real.

I stole it b/c it spoke to me, and I was feeling rather hippie-esque so I took it for my mere enjoyment... They charge enough for their coffee that they will not miss a 75 cent post card... if they do, then they can take me to jail.

Having an emotional day of sorts. I took about 2 hours and handcrafted Adham a birthday card, I hope he likes it. I'm sure he will. It may just be the nicest part of my soul I've ever shared with anyone; though it only looks like a greeting card.

I think I'll take the postcard I stole today and send it to PostSecret. Maybe they'll put it up on the website. (for those of you not uptodate... www.postsecret.blogspot.com Brandon, correct that if it's wrong).

So, there is my enlightenment for the evening. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.



That was beautiul! The whole pose...I love watching people.....wish I had more time to do it.

thanks so much for the comment =)

i'm sorry it took me so long to reply to it =/ but I love to get comments, glad to see someone is keeping up with me... and thanks again, I was really proud of this entry =)

Re: thanks so much for the comment =)

I love leaving messages!! That is what lj is all about getting to know others and letting them know you care and are not just lurking lol.